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Xinyi Services

We are committed to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. We strive hard to serve our customers with full technical and logistical support as well as timely responses to enquiries and requests.

Importing products into North America involve numerous shipping and importation matters that need to be taken care of. To reduce the complexities in the supply chain and to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers, we offer the following services with no additional costs, provided that the minimum order requirements are met:


  • Ship to all major cities in North America with to-the-door delivery service
  • Lead time - West coast - 8-9 weeks, East coast - 9-10 weeks


  • Shipment handling and tracking
  • Import documentation
  • Customs clearance

Minimum Order Requirements

  • One full 40 ft container load of products (approx. 1,300 pcs of windshields)
  • Full pallet quantities (usually 30 pcs) per part number
  • Order can be made up of a mix of windshields and tempered parts

** 20 ft container orders can be accepted with an additional shipping fee.

** Non-full-pallet quantities of no less than 5 pcs per part number can be accepted with an additional surcharge.